Withdrawal Form

Withdrawal Application

Intructions: Please complete all sections
Applications are assessed primarily on the independent supporting documentation provided to demonstrate your circumstances. The documentation should be provided either as originals or as certified original copies on official letterhead. Please note that all documentation must include the appropriate dates of any relevant events i.e (Department of Home Affairs Visa Refusal Letter or illnesses). Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Part A: Student Details

January 2018 ?
January 2018 ?
December 2017 ?
December 2017 ?
November 2017 ?
October 2017 ?
October 2017 ?
October 2017 ?
October 2017 ?
October 2017 ?

Part B: Withdrawal Details

  • Withdrawn from units of study
  • Withdrawn from course (refer to refund policy in the application)
  • Trasferring to another Education Institution(attach proof)
  • Medical reasons(Attach proof)
  • Visa Refusal(Copy of Refusal Letter is required)
  • Other (Please state reason in the box below)
  • I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information supplied on this form is correct and complete, and I agree to abide by the regulations of ECA Professional Year.